Do not go to university: a serious argument

We were ostraced. I still remember the moment when my future was dictated by me. I sat in one of these grey blue chairs with skinny steel legs. My high school teacher looked at me. Then he looked at my grades sitting on his computer, and said, " Go to the university. You'll be fine. "

With all due respect, sir, but you

At a young age, we all said the same thing: go to university. If not university, go to college. It doesn't matter if you don't know what you want, just go and study art or humanitoids. If you don't, or if you're a scum, you're going to be a failure in your life. You don't get a solid, highly paid assignment. It's quiet

Time for some punk rock. We're not going to the university. It's okay not to go to college. In fact, if you're the creator of any sort of sort, I fucking recommend it

I know it's like someone has to get married without a wedding ring. Everybody knows it's not worth it for what you pay for. It's just a big shiny symbol. Now try to marry the love of your life without one.

Stay with me

It's not a simple throat pill

It's against everything you've been saying for the rest of your life

Hone Your Craft. And Hustle

If you want to become a writer, photographer, illustrator, encoder, metatelm, mechanic, plumber, musician, and-in the case of Donald Trump, politics-you must carry your own ships. You need to do this. You must complete the error. You have to experiment and learn yourself. If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a mathematician or a scientist, read no more. Rock on, post-secondary is required. But for the humanitarian sciences, let it be critical

When you last stopped and thought about your future

I believe in education. I think knowledge makes the world a better place. However, I believe that education is a lifelong journey. I do not believe that I am trying to get "A" aware that I am not interested and will not keep any information for one year. I believe there are many opportunities at the university, such as networking, experimenting with other project students, learning as well as the basics of critical thinking. I believe in true passion as training. To do this, try to run the error and try again

I do not believe that the most important thing is that I believe in a crushing debt that has created an excessively educated and underemployed generation

I believe that students with experience in working with art should finish high school and then work. On Them. Kraft. It is best to do with mentors, YouTube videos, videos of and unbridling passion

It's not for everyone. I repeat, this is not for everyone. But it will save you tens of thousands of dollars in teaching 2), will save you four years in large, crowded rooms, questioning your life 3), actually, probably

I finished six years after graduating high school with great honor. I have an English degree and a degree in journalism. I won the student awards. My name was both in the student's paper and in mastheads. I was walking through the big steps to shake hands, grab a sheet of paper, and smile like a good boy. I'm just fine

Having an education doesn't mean you do

But it cost me tens of thousands of dollars. And none of them helped me get my current job. Seriously. I didn' t even get a resume. My job and his job is my job. Ditto for my previous job

This is the point where you start yelling at the computer.

I know, I know. You are told what you know, your mentor and your barista, that you need to go to post-secondary

"This is the only way to get a good job!" you got it, you sprayed chocolate milk on the screen

It can't be true anymore. That's why

I've hired dozens of students. I sat in a hundred interviews. I'll take a look at what school you went to and what kind of program you studied.

All who have a diploma or a degree, these days, the game was opened. The fact is that 90 percent of my colleagues who have finished school are not in writing.

30-something thousand dollars in education will not move the needle for you. I'm sorry

30-something thousand dollars in education will not move the needle for you. Because if

What you do on the side will be.

You can, too. And you'll be fine

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